Some software I wrote.

— K —


PHP starter kit, an entry point and a collection of libraries I start websites with.

Keruald/Pluton and Keruald/Xen will be soon released as my CMS and MVC starter kits.

Link: Keruald site

— O —

Obsidian Workspaces

PHP / Workspaces environment, project manager and customers panel.

Etymology: From the volcanic glass.

Technology: PHP • Keruald-based

Link: community preview

— T —


Eggdrop scripts to automatize some server administration tasks management on a dev/staging server, controlled from an IRC channel.

To improve security, I use two eggdrops, one "client" side, regular and another "server" side which runs as root and isn't connected to IRC.

Etymology: Tau Ceti Central, the name of the Hegemony's administation capitale planet in the Dan Simmons' Hyperion cycle (this is the French translation, in English the author chose Tau Ceti Center).

Technology: TCL • Eggdrop script

Links: TC2/Server.tcl (server side) | Nasqueron/Server.tcl (client side) | Commands reference

— X Y Z —


Cf. Keruald/Xen - this is the Keruald MVC starter kit


Static and PHP gallery generator using the Spry gallery demo as output

Technology: PHP • JavaScript • Spry


Zed, it’s a mix between a gallery, a place to meet new and existing friends, with some RPG inspiration. The concept is to have each information stored at physical places in a virtual world, like the 80s cyberspace vision. Another goal is to build a community sharing values like cooperation, freedom, ethic.

Etymology: Zed were the more enigmatic and powerful spell in the Sorcery! gamebooks.

Technology: PHP • MVC • Keruald-based • Community • Sandbox

Links: alpha version | code repository | development area


Or maybe you're interested by some scripts.

Another sources are my misc. projects pages, my bitbucket account, the EWOSP project and my blog.