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Larco, a maintenance bot

Larco is a bot built in C# on the top of DotNetWikiBot.

Here some ponctual tasks it can does, with link to source code.

My code is licensed under BSD license, so feel free to do what you want with it.

Create 2008 daily pages for Wikinews

It was needed to create daily pages to list contributions and news-in-brief.

This code allows to create such daily pages like that.

Download: Larco-WikiNewsPages-0.1.rar (308 Ko)

Compute portal banners and articles statistics

This script computes a SQL dump filling a table containing project banner template / articles relations.

To see the content for the French Wikipédia, cf.

Download: Larco-ListPortalTemplates-0.1.rar (308 Ko)

Current development

To request a work on Wikipédia

Larco has an account on the french Wikipédia and WikiNews. I can create an account on your local project if needed.

Drop me a line on [[fr:User talk:Dereckson]].

To get help

Get help about software or code

Planet #wikipedia-fr

Planet #wikipedia-fr


Planet #wikipedia-fr