Grip end of life. Migration to Dwellers and Ysul.

We’re migrating this summer our semi-public web and shell server Grip, so we can provide  more space disk, more RAM and better CPU.

Grip EOL date is 2014-07-31. Alternative servers are ready now.

The new offer

We both offer a traditional FreeBSD shell and web server and a CentOS 7 application server with OpenShift and Docker capabilities. The first is named Ysul and the second Dwellers.

Services are provided free of charge and are primarily targeted to both relocate the former Grip users and host the Nasqueron projects. These new servers are a part of the Nasqueron infrastructure.

Track issues and request assistance

A Grip migration project has been created on our Phabricator instance, with a kanban board to get an overview of what is still to be done.

You can get assistance on IRC Freenode #Wolfplex. You can also create a migration task.

Where to migrate?

As a Grip user, you can:

  • migrate any non-IRC shell and general web services to Ysul
  • migrate any services to a Docker container or an OpenShift gear on Dwellers

IRC services hosting is currently discontinued, as we don’t have an IRC friendly ISP on the matter. We’ll work in the following months to find solutions on this issue.

Typically, any Python, Node or Ruby webserver will be hosted on Dwellers, static and PHP sites on Ysul.

If you need or could benefit of root control for your application, this is also a use case for a Docker container.

For example, this blog is on Ysul, but the Phabricator instance with the migration board is on Dwellers.

2014-08-03 update: wiki migration page has been replaced by the Phabricator instance’es migration board link.

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