April 2022 in links

Some links of stuff I appreciated this month.You can also take the time machine to March 2022 or February 2022.


The New Illustrated TLS Connection explains visually the different exchanges to initiate a TLS 1.3 connection.


If you wish to use Vim as an IDE, the distribution SpaceVim aggregates layers of plugin and offers a nice modern UI. It’s compatible with both vim and neovim. For more vibrant colors, check the badwolf theme from Steve Losh, one of the source of inspiration from the default theme shipped with SpaceVim gruvbox.


This April month is also the month of Ramadan in the Lunar Islamic calendar. Through Fauve, I’ve discovered a piece of art, the Blue Quran, a Quran with blue folio crafted from tinted indigo parchments, with gold and silver calligraphy, a technique called chrysography:

Ar-Rum, Sura 30:28-32. Folio from the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection, 2004.88.
[ Photo information ]

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