Tommy 1.1.0

Tommy is a dashboard for Jenkins, to get a view of builds health. Initially developed at Zooniverse by Arfon Smith, and redesigned by Brian Carstensen, Nasqueron has adopted this project some years ago for and I maintain it since.

Tommy in action for our CD builds.

This new release runs on modern Ruby stack: Ruby 3.2, Sinatra 3.0, Rack 2.2. As Ruby 3 doesn’t ship with Webrick anymore in the standard library, thin has been adopted as a lightweight server to run it. With that libraries upgrade, security issues in Rack have been fixed.

When Sinatra support for Rack 3 has been added, we’ll be able to upgrade it to Rack 3 too.

It supports multi-branch project and is available on Docker Hub: nasqueron/tommy.

If you’re into Ruby, I’d like to have a chat or a peer programming session about how to best follow Ruby conventions and best practices.

If you participate to an open source or free culture project and would like a Tommy dashboard, the Nasqueron PaaS can host it for you.

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