March 2022 in links

Some links of stuff I appreciated this month.You can also take the time machine to February 2022.


Browsing the Terminator terminal emulator plugins capabilities, I’ve prepared a resolve-hash command to find the URL matching a Git SHA-1 hash.

Let’s go back to 1997: Brian W. Kernighan publishes an article how to use advanced commands like grep and sed to edit files on UNIX.



Excalidraw is an open source virtual whiteboard written in TypeScript you can share and sketch diagrams. The diagrams drawn will have a “hand-drawn look and feek“, like in products like Balsamiq or comics like XKCD.

Initially a desktop product based on Electron, it now assumes to be a collaborative web application. There are libraries provided with elements like icons, wireframes elements, sticky notes. You can also build products like Google Cloud Platform diagrams by extending the UI with a custom library.

On a negative note, the product could become open core, as they now offer a solution to save drawings and organize them as a notebook, “Excalidraw +“.

Via Sandlayth, who wants to try this product for online lessons.


{10:00}§2d|1a|0[-]t|3a|2l|1e|2g|1r|3[++]e|2y|1a|2{18:30}[17°c [11°c ]

Based on Alegraya Sans, the open source Datalegreya font by the studio Figs is an experiment to mix data visualizations and a heading in a font detecting OpenType ligatures.

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