Get URL from Git commit hash

SHA-1 Git hashes can be mapped to code review or code repository URL to offer a web visualization with additional context.

The resolve-hash command allows to get such URL from a Git hash, or another VCS reference. It can search Phabricator, Gerrit, GitHub and GitLab currently.

Ouf of the box, it will detect your ~/.arcrc configuration and use GitHub public API. You can create a small YAML configuration file it to add Gerrit and GitLab in the mix.

Install it. Use it.

The resolve-hash package is available on PyPI.

Specific use cases

Projects moved from GitHub to GitLab

GitLab requires any query to the search API to be authenticated. You can generate a personal access token in your user settings; the API scope is enough, so check only read_api.

Then you can add create a $HOME/.config/resolve-hash.conf file with the following content:

For Wikimedia contributors

Gerrit exposes a REST API. To use it, create a $HOME/.config/resolve-hash.conf file with the following content:

Gerrit will be then queried before GitHub:

Note if you’ve configured Arcanist to interact with, your configuration in ~/.arcrc is used BEFORE the Gerrit one. Tell me if you’re in that case, we’ll allow to order resolution strategies.

What inspired this project?

Terminator allows plugins to improve the behavior of the terminal. Some plugins allows to expressions like Bug:1234 to offer a link to the relevant bug tracker.

What if we can detect hashes, especially VCS hashes, to offer a link to the code review system, like Phabricator or Gerrit, or at least to a public code hosting facility like GitHub?

What’s next?

We can add support for private instances of GitHub Enterprise and GitLab. Code I wrote in VCS package is already ready to accept any GitHub or GitLab URL, and is so prepared to accept a specific instance, so it’s a matter of declare new configuration options and add the wrapper code in VcsHashSearch class.

A cache would be useful to speed up the process. Hashes are stable enough for that.

Write a Terminator plugin, so we solve the root problem described above.

The code is extensible enough to search other kind of hashes than commits, but I’m not sure we’ve reliable sources of hashes for know files or packages.


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