MediaWiki nginx configuration file


  • You have a nginx webserver
  • You have several MediaWiki installation on this server
  • You would like to have a simple and clear configuration


You want a configuration file you can include in every server {} block MediaWiki is available


  1. Create a includes subdirectory in your nginx configuration directory (by default, /usr/local/etc/nginx or /etc/nginx).
    This directory can welcome every configuration block you don’t want to repeat in each server block.
  2. You put in this directory mediawiki-root.conf, mediawiki-wiki.conf or your own configuration block.
  3. In each server block, you can now add the following line:

Configuration I – MediaWiki in the root web directory, /article path

This is mediawiki-root.conf on my server:

Configuration II – MediaWiki in the /w directory, /wiki/article path

This is mediawiki-wiki.conf on my server:

Example of use serves other application is subdirectories and MediaWiki for /wiki URLs.

This server block:

  1. is a regular one
  2. includes our includes/mediawiki-wiki.conf configuration file (scenario II)
  3. contains a regular php-fpm block
  4. contains other instructions

Some notes

  • Configuration is based on Daniel Friesen’s , who collected various working nginx ones. There are some differences in the rewrite, our goal here is to have a generic configuration totally agnostic of the way .php files are handled.
  • Our configuration (not the one generated by the builder) uses a if for the thumbnails handler. The nginx culture is a culture where you should try something else than an if. See this nginx wiki page and this post about the location if way of work for more information.

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