Kiba One : a responsive design for Wolfplex

I’m preparing a design for a social and technological alternative cultural center. The design should be able to be declined for several sites, with several accent colors.

It must stay sober but should allow more vivid stuff.

Constraints: a Neuropol text logo, and to reuse a tunnel photo, the two being printed on A3 posters for 3 years, but not really used on the web.

Wolfplex Video Lab. A sample of how to decline the design for a project more visitors-oriented. Camera photos by David Ritter.


We keep the same footer, but with another color for the wiki (MediaWiki as engine). This color is repeated on the topmost 4px line, and then for the site actions (search, login, language selection). To quit the flat 2013 parading, we combine the flat approach with a drop shadow and a BeOS tab for the infobox.
This design can used to show black content too.
And it allows personnalization, like here a sample of an invitation for a cooking event. Spices photos by Zsuzsanna Kilian.


This post has initially been posted to Forrst.


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