MultiKiller kills any processes and rekills them when they’re spawned again, very useful to eradicate a virus.

My father hasn’t touched my computer since 2003 (when I had to enable parental control to avoid him surf on porn sites and catch, fish and grab worms, trojans and virii). Today, he has done it again, has comited a repeat offense with the same result : a new bunch of packed worms, spywares, antispywares claiming a lot of spywares is present and so on.

To clean it, I’ve used the excellent Sysinternals AutoRuns, available on Microsoft Sysinternals utilities website.

But how to kill launched processes (one of them kills the task manager directly when launched, yeah !) ? When you kill one worm, another process runs the first, running the second, and so on…

So, I’ve quickly dropped on a new windows form a textbox, a button and wrote this code:

Okay, I confess, when I’ve run it to kill my virii processes, it was WindowsApplication1, Form1, textBox1 and button1. Now you’ve even 2 explanations labels, lucky guys you’re.

This is not licensed under BSD, I can’t and don’t claim any copyright or droit d’auteur on this little soft, so consider it in public domain (to protect a software, it must be an ORIGINAL software, here it’s when you quickly sketch a sun with a circle and some lines on a notepad, anybody can do it) and feel free to use it any way you want.


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