The valspeak is a variant of American English spoken in California. Let me rewrite that correctly: The valspeak is ya know, like, a variant of American English, fer shure, spoken in California. In 1986, someone asks on the net.sources newsgroup the source of a small software to make this kind of conversion. To celebrate the […]

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Compile bugzproxy with Microsoft .Net framework

bugzproxy, a C# based assembly that provides access to a Bugzilla server, is coded under linux and is designed to work with Mono.

It seems Mono is less strict than specifications or Microsoft implementation.

So here some modifications to compile it.

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C# Methods Web Generator

Take some properties, like private int teaCupCount;

This web generator will generate the following code:

public int TeaCupCount { 	get { 	    return teaCupCount; 	} 	set { 	    teaCupCount = value; 	} }
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Calculez des dates, des intérêts de retard ou le poids d’un magazine.

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Howto configure Visual Studio to debug RunUO ?

When I was dev on a french strict roleplaying oriented RunUO shard, Kocham (ex Siècle de Fer), I loved Visual Studio not only to code but almost to debug and track errors.

Here a quick howto to configure your IDE.

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