This wizard allows your user to add easily a bug to Bugzilla 3.0+.


Lead developer: Dereckson

3rd party libs used:

So in fact you’ve to say thank you to 4 people 😉

Download: [Source code for customizable version isn’t available anymore]

If you want to test it compiled or fill a bug into, you can download the Espace Win Open Source Project implementation:

How to customize it ?

  1. Replace by your Bugzilla URL in SettingsLangs*.xml
  2. Look the SetDefaults Method in SettingsMainOptions.cs. Edit default Bugzilla hostname, port and path. If your URL is path is “bugzilla” without any /.
  3. Preferences are saved in a file, specified in SettingsMainOption.cs. Choose a unique name to avoid any conflict with other add bug wizards. For example, if your project is Xizzy, you can replace EWOSPAddBugDesktopWizard.config by EWOSPXizzyAddBugDesktopWizard.config or you can also specify a path with your own user config files.
  4. Recompile it

Well, you can also add a picture as you can see on the screenshot and personalizes it as you want.

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