A Laravel command to run a SQL console à la Phabricator

Phabricator offers a bin/storage shell command. It allows to run the mysql client with the options from the application configuration.

That’s useful in a modern distributed environment, when it’s not always straightforward to know what server contains what databases and what credentials to use. In a Docker container, for example, that could be a linked container or a dedicated bare metal instance.

As Laravel offers standardisation of the configuration, we can provide such a command not only for MySQL but also for PostGreSQL, SQLite and SQL Server.

The only requirement is to get the relevant client installed on the machine.

To implement it into your application, you can drop DatabaseShell.php to your app/Console/Commands/ folder. (last commit at post writing)

To run it, use php artisan db:shell.

This post has been last updated 2017-02-09.

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