March 2018 in links

Some links of stuff I appreciated this month. Links to French content are in a separate post.

Illustration: The western span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge at night. This image was selected as picture of the day on Wikimedia Commons for .


17 March 1958, a small satellite, the size of a grapefruit is launched. It’s still in orbit.


Web development :: front-end

To provide a guided tour or highlight some information or dim others blocks, the driver.js library is lightweight and claim to have no dependency.

Graphics look sometimes awesome with a rough handmade-like look and feel, and the rough JavaScript library helps to draw such SVG paths with the  HTML5 Canvas API.

The TOAST UI Chart library  is a simple data vizualisation library offering chart components. On a similar topic, if there is a need to integrate charts in a dashboard or to build administration interface, Tabler is a theme based on Bootstrap to do so.

Let’s end this section with animation. Unconventional effects in typography can be achieved with the Blotter library. A flexible and versatile animation library, Popmotion, is trending on GitHub, and contains classical interpolation but also offer some physics.


CLI in JavaScript seems to be trending: after the Hyper terminal, two libraries allow to create commands: oclif by Heroku and Ink if you wish to use React.

Meanwhile, if you like pretty output, a Python library, Hue, allows to handle easily color questions.


A new lighweight deployment to Kubernetes with Git, gitkube, allows to push code to deploy. If you’re tired of Go, Rust was chosen to write an interactive command line to control Kubernetes REPL style, click.

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