October 2014 links

Some links of stuff I appreciated this month. Links to French content are in a separate post. In the servers world SSL. October is the month we disabled SSLv3 protocol support from nginx following the POODLE attack. So this means we can look to this paper, nginx configuration and a tool to check SSL configuration. […]

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Grip end of life. Migration to Dwellers and Ysul.

We’re migrating this summer our semi-public web and shell server Grip, so we can provide  more space disk, more RAM and better CPU. Grip EOL date is 2014-07-31. Alternative servers are ready now. The new offer We both offer a traditional FreeBSD shell and web server and a CentOS 7 application server with OpenShift and […]

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Wikimedia Commons and the public space

Hotel Charleroi is an artist residency project at Charleroi. Some twenty artists, mainly from Vienna use Charleroi as a playground to explore and interact with the public space. Invited to give a talk, I offered two topics: Wikimedia Commons and the public space The Creative Commons licensing framework If you’re interested by a presentation about […]

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IceDeck is a deck of cards to represent tasks to accomplish, informations to note, records about something or the data you want.

Each card is defined by an accent (colors), keywords (a click on a card gives you all other cards with the same keyword) and if you want some other properties as % completed, a number of points, …

This application will be used on Espace Win to answer one of the members most asked question: “How can I help you?”, writing a card for each features to implement or tasks to do, sorted by theme and skills.

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