IceDeck is a deck of cards to represent tasks to accomplish, informations to note, records about something or the data you want.

Each card is defined by an accent (colors), keywords (a click on a card gives you all other cards with the same keyword) and if you want some other properties as % completed, a number of points, …

This application will be used on Espace Win to answer one of the members most asked question: “How can I help you?”, writing a card for each features to implement or tasks to do, sorted by theme and skills.

It will also be released under BSD licence.

Try it on Don’t be afraid to play with it, it’s a full demo server and not a prod one.

Development: Sébastien Santoro (Dereckson)
Design, layout: idem + Olivier Parra (Cl0ster) for the multicolor accents

Here’s a snapshot of the Cl0ster’s layout search :

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