Get the Wikimedia configuration on IRC

If you’re on Freenode #wikimedia-tech or #mediawiki, you can query the Wikimedia site configuration. This is an alternative to browse this 12 227 lines file.

Usage: .config <configuration variable> <local project> [key…]

06:36:48 < Dereckson> .config wmgEnableLandingCheck
06:36:49 <Daeghrefn> false

If the configuration value is an array, you can dump it:

06:28:47 <+Dereckson> .config wgExtraNamespaces frwiki
06:28:48 <Daeghrefn> 100 => Portail / 101 => Discussion_Portail / 102 => Projet / 103 => Discussion_Projet / 104 => Référence / 105 => Discussion_Référence

Or you can append the key you want to fetch (as many subkeys as you want):

07:39:34 <+Dereckson> .config wgExtraNamespaces frwiki 104
07:39:36 <Daeghrefn> Référence

Source code: Wikimedia.tcl

Note: Dæghrefn has currently some bits of code allowing it to communicate with Gerrit and Bugzilla support is imminent. If you have any need of an IRC command to interact with these services, drop the idea and I will code you that.

I18n: TCL is a language full Unicode since April 1999 (version 8.1). Internally, it treats characters as UTF-16. From an user perspective, it reads and write UTF-8 by default. On the other hand, Dæghrefn is an eggdrop. The eggdrop performs an UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 conversion of the partyline and the message queues. So we lost non ASCII chars. I recompiled it with an UTF-8 encoding instead, but it’s a stable product, so deployment will wait the server/eggdrop crash.

Update edit: the eggdrop name is now Dæghrefn (2015-03-27).

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