Find TCL headers and libraries in Debian and FreeBSD

Problem. You want to compile a software against TCL. You run ./configure, but it can’t find it. You so need to locate where are the headers and the libraries. Solution. Start with the TCL version. On Debian: headers are in a subdirectory in /usr/include, named tcl followed by the version libraries are sorted by architecture, […]

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TCL and the SSL security issues: sslv3 alert handshake failure

Update 2016-01-15: With tcl-tls 1.6.7, it works out of the box without any need to configure cyphers. If you have reconfigured your OpenSSL to take care of the current security issues, you’ve disabled SSLv3 since POODLE discovery. Then, you could find unexpected behavior of TCL code. The package http isn’t the best to intercept and […]

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How to use TclSOAP 1.6.7 in 2013

TclSOAP is a library to create or consume SOAP WebServices. It also allows to consume XML-RPC stuff. Unfortunately, strange versionning choices (it search precises versions of the dom TCL package, and of course, these versions bumped with the years) broke the package require mechanism. This patch solves that and allows you to use it:


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Get the Wikimedia configuration on IRC

If you’re on Freenode #wikimedia-tech or #mediawiki, you can query the Wikimedia site configuration. This is an alternative to browse this 12 227 lines file. Usage: .config <configuration variable> <local project> [key…] 06:36:48 < Dereckson> .config wmgEnableLandingCheck 06:36:49 <Daeghrefn> false If the configuration value is an array, you can dump it: 06:28:47 <+Dereckson> .config wgExtraNamespaces […]

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Sajax ported in TCL

I’ve just ported Sajax 0.12 in TCL.

Sajax (Simple Ajax Toolkit), is an open source tool designed to help websites using the Ajax framework (also known as XMLHTTPRequest).

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