How to use TclSOAP 1.6.7 in 2013

TclSOAP is a library to create or consume SOAP WebServices. It also allows to consume XML-RPC stuff. Unfortunately, strange versionning choices (it search precises versions of the dom TCL package, and of course, these versions bumped with the years) broke the package require mechanism. This patch solves that and allows you to use it:


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OPW office hours: Mon Wed Thu Fri 14:00 PST

During the Outreach Program for Women, I’m scheduling office hours each Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 14:00 (pacific time) / 22:00 (UTC) / 23:00 (CET). I’ll be available on Freenode #wikimedia-dev for my mentoree, and by extension to any people needing help on the following topics: General PHP language questions Git repository Gerrit code […]

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The valspeak is a variant of American English spoken in California. Let me rewrite that correctly: The valspeak is ya know, like, a variant of American English, fer shure, spoken in California. In 1986, someone asks on the net.sources newsgroup the source of a small software to make this kind of conversion. To celebrate the […]

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